The Journey, Our Mission, The Future!


Who we are and what we do

Founded by Nicolae Bogdan Bratis in 2019, Saw And Sine is a podcast production agency located in Southampton, United Kingdom. Our mission is to offer you the best audio services and get your idea a sound that you can be proud of.

Using state of the art technology our team can solve any audio-related task.  We provide different services for any kind of budget and we believe in trust and long-term partnerships

The Journey

The journey started with Nicolae freelancing on Upwork! And in a period of just under a year, he managed to serve over 100 clients on the giant freelancing platform, constantly maintaining his "Top Rated Plus" status. Upwork is known for providing professionally qualified freelancing services to customers around the world where the standards and competition are always high.

"While working on Upwork, I had the chance to meet some amazing clients. The projects I worked on were always unique and of high quality. Some of the clients I worked for are "Deep Meditate, Functional Tennis Podcast, TEDx, Speaker Michael Obrien, SEO Guru Viola Eva, BBC's Comedian Jim Davidson, All Black, Badass Basic Bitch Podcast and many more..."

Nicolae Bogdan Bratis (2020)


In 2019 Nicolae opened Saw And Sine with minimal equipment and a minimal set of services. It was a long path to success, but with hard work, perseverance, and care for our clients, we did it. Since then we reinvested all the profit back into our studio, therefore, we can deliver even better services to our clients. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology from brands such as UAD, Antelope, Slate Digital, EVE, Arturia, Manley, and more.

In 2020 we decided to improve our remote collaboration services and we created a reliable platform where remote collaborations have never been that easy. We implemented a project management system where our clients can organise their projects in the best way possible. We also improved the overall website navigation experience.

In 2021 we expanded our team and we gathered the best talent from the creative industries. We also started a blog, helping our clients get the best from their creative journey.


Communication is the key to the success of your project so we are always open-minded and transparent. We always focus on offering the best customer support with zero waiting time and a team you can rely on.

While working with us, you don't get just a service, you get access to our platform and our creative expertise. Consultations are a big part of our strategy and you will always get professional audio advice, so your project sounds amazing with the first push of the REC button. 

Audio quality above all!

No matter how long your project takes, no matter how complex it is... we do not cut corners. We are here to make your project the best.


2022 will bring a total makeover. We are currently working on another part of Saw And Sine called Saspod will be the new affordable way our clients will be able to host their podcasts.


The name "Saw And Sine" is inspired by the art of Synthesis (Sound Design). The Sawtooth is the richest harmonic waveform that can be created by a basic synth oscillator and on the opposite, the sine is the simplest and purest waveform created by a classic synthesizer oscillator. The name inspires complexity and simplicity at the same time


Nicolae Bogdan Bratis

Owner / Director / Audio Leader

Nicolae Bogdan Bratis aka "BRATIS" is the founder and owner of Saw And Sine. Bogdan is a respectable music producer and audio engineer. He graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2019 with a First Class BA Degree in Popular Music Production. Among his other achievements, in 2016 he was awarded the Music Producer Of The Year Title during his first year of study. With his over 10 years of experience in audio production, Bogdan can handle any challenges no matter the difficulty.

Tonina Tarnosche

Audio Editor/ Copywriter/QC

Tonina is our newest addition to the team and she's an experienced audio editor and copywriter.

Andrei Lela

Graphic Designer / Motion Graphic Designer

Working at Saw And Sine since 2021, Andrei showed amazing talent at creating, beautiful artwork designs, logos and micro-content.

Sophie Squires

Copywritter / Voice Over Artist

Sophie Squires is a valuable member of our team. She is in charge of the journalistic services we offer here at Saw And Sine. Furthermore, she is an amazing voice over artist; being able to turn your written projects (books, ads, audiograms) into something your listeners will enjoy. She is currently working full-time as a Broadcast Journalist after graduating with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism back in 2018. “Everything I have worked on over the years has helped me to develop a strong skill-set: from research work, to news reading, audiobook reading, content writing and editing.”

Nicolae Nedelcu

Audio Editor

Nicolae Nedelcu is the second member of our team. He was trained within our company to edit sound at the highest standards, proving himself qualified to deliver professional sounding audio. Currently studying BA Music Production and Performance at Solent University, Nicolae shows great potential in his line of work and is soon to become a certified Music Producer and Audio Engineer.

Ivan Moreira

Video Producer / Motion Graphic Designer

Ivan is an exceptional Video Producer & Film Maker working with Saw And Sine since 2021. He also owns Tinka Studio, a video production company based in Southampton.