FAQ Music Production

We offer unlimited revisions! We care about your music and till you are not happy with it, we'll not be either.

After we deliver the product to you, we will archive your song for at least 1 year on our system. You then will be able to request changes, remove different parts of the song, radio edit, backing tracks etc... This process will require a separate fee though!

However, if you want to take complete control over your production, you can ask for an archive version of the song at no extra cost.

Note: This can be made only during or immediately after the mixing/music production process. Doing this at a later stage will require an extra fee.   

We do not take responsibility in case your files/project gets lost due to unpredictable events that can happen during the archive stage.

Yes, we do offer mastering services. We work closely with our mastering partners which will take care of the mastering process once the mix is complete. We will then act as the intermediate between you and the mastering engineer. This way we will be able to discuss technical details on behalf of you and perform any changes to the mix before the actual mastering process begins.

After the 50% deposit has been received for the desired service, we will immediately start working on your music. We will send you then a mixed version of the song which will include a burst of white noise (watermark) every 20 seconds, at this stage more revisions can be requested. If you are satisfied with the product, we will expect from you the remaining balance of your order. Once the final payment has been placed, we will deliver you the product without any watermakrs.

Definitely! If you are in the local area, we would be more then happy to let you assist in the process. However, if you live farther away, we are happy to give you a bounce of the song after every session. This way you will be able to input your own ideas and check the status of your song as well.

We receive payments through various methods. We accept credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. In order to pay, you have to make the order first, we'll then come back to you after the order is processed and send you an invoice to you as a request for a 50% deposit deducted from the total price. You will pay the remaining balance at the delivery stage.

We are very open minded when it comes to music, we also know the music industry is a very difficult business and artists struggle to find the money to fund their projects. We work with novice and professional artists and our only focus is to make your music sound good for the best price.

FAQ Consultations

If you want advice on your music or you want to learn music production, you can book an initial free slot by e-mailing us at [email protected],

The lessons can be held at the Saw And Sine Studio or via Team Viewer while video chatting on Skype.

FAQ Podcast Editing

RAW audio refers to a non edited audio track. In other words, RAW audio is the track as you recorded it but without any alterations.

Yes we can help with setting up a Libsyn account for you and upload the tracks straight to the platform, we can also help you with writing show notes and creating the artcover.

If you choose our premium version Yes, we listen to each minute and every second of the audio and cut all the mistakes, plosives, noises pauses and more. Saw And Sine does not take any shortcuts and we do not use any automated technology, we listen to everything carefully and with extreme attention to detail.

Yes, we love to work with our clients on a long term basis and develop a strong collaborative relationship. There are a lot of benefits in hiring us long term so please get in touch!

Yes, we offer those types of services and we will create your jingle / intro / outro in such a way that it perfectly matches your brand/theme

We do offer podcast recording sessions at our studio located in Southampton United Kingdom. If you are interested in this service please let us know and we will book a slot for you!

It really depends on the length of the podcast and the complexity of it. Short podcasts can take up to 2 days while longer podcasts can take up to 4 - 5 days. However we will always make sure to deliver your podcast in time so you can share it with the world the same day the audience expects it.

You can also order a fast turnaround and we will guarantee you that you'll have your podcast edited and delivered in just one day.

Yes, we offer unlimited revisions so please feel free to contact us.

We can deliver the podcast episodes in any file format such as WAV, FLAC, MP3, AFF, WMP and more!

FAQ Audiobook Editing

Yes we do offer ACX Mastering, in fact we will guarantee that your audiobook will get approved by ACX.

Yes we do offer ACX Mastering, in fact we will guarantee that your audiobook will get approved by ACX.

Yes, we are located in Southampton United Kingdom! If you are around this area and you really want the best sound possible for your audiobook, please get in touch.

Yes, we do have 2 in house narators, male and female that would be able to record the audiobook for you! For more information please get in touch.