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2: To Upload / Download your podcast files you will go to You will be able to log in with your newly created account. 

3: When uploading the files, please include all relevant files: Failing to send the required files may result in your project being delayed!

Ex: Music, Guest Audio File, Host Audio File, Intro/Outro, Ads etc...

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Labelling examples:

  • Podcast Name_Host_D_M_Y.wav
  • Podcast Name_Guest_D_M_Y.wav
  • Podcast Name_IntroMusic_D_M_Y.wav
  • Podcast Name_OutroVO_D_M_Y.wav

4: We encourage you to download the "TALK" app.

This is similar to Whatsapp, but it is integrated into our system and we can answer any questions in less than a few mins. We do answer e-mails, but we find it much easier to communicate in a chat-like environment. If you have a team or you have someone else taking care of certain aspects of your podcast. Just let us know, and we will create an account for that person too.

You can also use "Talk" in your browser by following this link: 

5Another app you might want to install is the "Nextcloud" app. 

This is an app similar to Google Drive, but it is integrated into our system and you will have access to your files immediately on your phone too.