Thank you for your registration! 

1: In order to begin your trial, you will need to send us one of your podcast episodes, you can send us any dialogue audio file of any length. To send us your files you will need to press the button below and log in to our server with the credentials created during your registration. Once you logged in to the server you will navigate to the top menu, Files, then in the explorer, then you will be able to drag the files straight into the explorer (similar with what you would do on Google Drive, Dropbox or any other storage solution. 

2: After we received your file/s we will work on the podcast episode and we will send you a 5-10 mins section of your podcast fully edited. We will notify you via e-mail with a link once the podcast is ready. You can also view the progress of your podcast in the Deck  also located on the top menu on the server. 

Other Helpful Information

  • The URL of the server is
  • To constantly stay in touch with us download the TALK app on your phone. Apple / Android
  • If you need any help, or if you have any questions, get in touch with us at [email protected]