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  • The payment is not recurring, you will buy this package once, there are no strings attached.
  • After you proceed with the order, you will receive an e-mail with instructions and a link to upload your files.
  • Our usual turnaround is a maximum of 4 days for 1 episode, however, 90% of the time we deliver the episode within just 3 days from the moment we received the files. You can upgrade to a faster turnaround if needed.
  • It is important that you upload your files as soon as possible after you placed the order, so we could start working on your podcast right away. 
  • Max 60 Mins Of Raw Audio / Episode (If more, please use the sliders to add extra minutes)
  • Does not include minute by minute listening
  • De-reverb Processing
  • Background Noise Removal
  • Equalisation
  • Compression
  • Audio Enhancing
  • Intro/Outro/Ad Insertion
  • Mastering
  • E-Mail Support
  • SAS Server
  • Unlimited Revisions

What The Service Includes

We will be able to remove static background noise using the latest restoration technology! We can remove noises such as, room tone, computer fan, hiss, electric buzz, rumble, and more  If you have any questions regarding this option let us know

Strong "s" sounds can get very irritating after long listening periods of time; we will apply de-ssing on the recording to reduce the unpredictable excess in high frequencies caused by the "s" sounds in words such as: Sport, Scissors, Sensible etc...  Your audience will be able to listen to your podcast much easier for long periods of time.

We will remove the reverberation, reflections caused by the room you recorded in. This process is limited by the quality of your recording but we will try our best to keep the integrity of your recording as much as possible. 


We will remove any type of resonance, using static, dynamic or surfing EQ. It is important that your podcast sounds as balanced as possible so it translates well on different devices such as headphones, phones, tablets, laptop speakers and more. 

We will apply wide-band and multi-band compression to the recording for a better consistency in amplitude throughout the podcast, this will ensure that the volume won't drop down suddenly or the volume won't become lower in different sections of your episode.

During the processing phase we will add a final touch to your recording by applying certain effects that can make your podcast sound even more professional. However to this, you will need to provide us with an audio file that requires minimum restoration processing. 

We will stitch in the intro, outro and any other audio files recorded separately, applying volume automation, creating transitions so the speech always stays intelligible and easy to listen to. 


We will trim the recording and bring the volume of the podcast to an industry-standard loudness of -25 to -16 LUFS.