Server Information

1: How To Login

  • To login in please follow this address:
  • You will need your credentials to log in, these are provided by us
    via an e-mail upon making an order or contacting us.
    If you didn't receive your credentials please get in touch.
  • Please note, the server credentials are different from your
    credentials used to register your account on our website
    while placing an order or, creating an account by clicking on
    the "Sign Up" button.

2: Explorer

  • The explorer is your main file navigator, similar to "finder"
    or "file explorer" on your computer.
  • Using this feature you can navigate through files, copy,
    delete and move.
  • The plus button allows you to upload smaller files,
    if you need to upload larger files, please use
    the "Flow Upload" feature

3: Flow Upload

  • The "Flow Upload" allows you to upload larger files.
    Anything above 20mb it's considered a large file.
  • To upload you need to choose the folder you want to upload
    to. To do that, you will need to click on "Choose destination"
    found in the right top corner. You will then be able to add that
    destination to your favorites by clicking on the 3 dots on the
    right side of your newly created destination.
    You will then click on "Select File" or "Select Folder" and proceed.
    Once the file has been mounted you will see a play button near
    the file. Press the button to start uploading. If you have multiple
    files you can mount them all and press the play button for
    all of them so they can advance in the queue.
  • Another great thing about the "Flow Upload" feature is that if
    let's say your upload was interrupted by your
    internet speed or you closed the browser by mistake the
    "Flow Upload" feature will remember the path of your file,
    and store it into the cash, so your progress is not lost.

4: Deck

  • The deck is a simple feature that allows you to organize your
    project. If you work with us on a long term basis, we will most
    likely use this feature to organize your songs, album, episodes
    based on where they are in the production stage. It is important
    that we do this right from the beginning, this will help everyone
    keep up with the deadlines and revisions.
  • This app will allow you to add tags, files, comments to certain
    cards, notifying us of any changes that may occur during the
  • The concept is simple! Each card is a certain section of your entire
    project such as a song from the album we mix for you, an episode
    of your podcast or maybe a chapter of your audiobook. Each column
    is a certain production stage your project needs to go through
    We will then move the cards along the columns until we reach
    the final stage of production.

5: Activity

  • The "activity" feature allows you to see recent changes that took
    place on the server. For example, you could see if we uploaded
    a draft of your project, or maybe commented on one of the deck
  • On the left side, you can find a menu that can help you filter the
    information that is most relevant to you.

6: Set up your e-mail notifications

  • You will need to set up your e-mail first in order to get notifications.
    If you've already done that then the next step would be to go to
    "settings"(this is located in the top right corner when you press
    on your avatar image). From there you will need to go-to "activity"
    (this is located on the left side once entered in "settings")