Audio Restoration Services

You can't recode it again? Send it to us and we'll restore it!

Damaged audio? - WE CAN HELP!

It's not easy to record clean audio, you need great equipment, ideal conditions, and also a good day without any bad luck. A cable was faulty so now your recording has a static buzz in the background or the SD card inserted into the recorder got corrupted so you need to use the audio captured by the video camera or you recorded in a very noisy environment and there was nothing you can do about it.

We can do something about it! Using our audio restoration services we can help you restore the audio and make it sound the best, however, we will need to listen to the audio first to identify what the problem is and tell you if it's indeed repairable, most of the time it is!  Please complete the form below and we will come back to you with a quote. 

  • Plosives, hard consonants
  • Electrical buzz, hiss, static noise
  • Wind, room ambient, background noise
  • Background music
  • Reverberation, echo
  • Clicks and other random noises

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