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How to conduct a remote podcast interview
3 Steps for conducting a successful remote podcast interview Let’s face it. Starting a podcast is a really easy thing to do. Free services which proudly bill themselves as the easiest way to make a podcast are wildly popular. Using a mobile app, you can schedule a call with a guest and have a real-time
Dynamic Ad Insertion
More than anything, listeners want to be able to relate to the content of a podcast. They want to have already seen the movies and TV shows that the host is talking about. They want to have experienced the challenges that the guest shares. And the same is true for any advertising content in the

Best Podcast Hosting Providers

So you’re making a podcast. You’ve recorded, edited, and made a social media account for your creation. There’s just one major step left to do: find a podcast hosting provider. There are plenty of podcast hosting playforms to consider, all with different features, positives and negatives. When choosing the right one, make sure to consider

Why Should I start a Podcast?

Do you have something to say? Does the world get you angry? Is someone toasting bread in the completely wrong way? Maybe you just want to have a laugh with your friends or you want to share your art with the world. Whatever you want to accomplish, you should start a podcast.  Making a podcast
Monetizing Your Podcast Through Donations
Let’s face it, podcasts cost money. To create engaging and creative content, you’ll need to buy the right equipment, have help with editing (Saw and Sine can help with that) and even just get coffee for recording days. We know that, but believe it or not, your listeners also know that, and some want to

How To Edit Your Podcast Like A Pro

How to edit a podcast
Editing your podcast may be an option for those that have the time to do it or love to have a more DIY approach to things. In this article, we will explain to you step by step how to edit your podcast properly so you don’t fall into the pitfalls many beginner podcasters do. Before

Find The Best Podcast Name

podcast name
Finding the best podcast name can seem rather difficult, but don’t despair, we’re here to help! The podcast name is one of the most important components of your show. It can make the difference between a podcast being successful or not. So what steps should I take into consideration? Get a podcast idea first If
It is obvious why you would want to secure a sponsor for your podcast, the question is how to do it? In this article, I will uncover all about podcast sponsorship, I will show you a few ways you could monetize your podcast, when it’s time to do it and where to find your sponsors.
Long Distance Podcast Recording
We have no choice! Now with the current global crisis, long distance podcast recording has become the norm. In this article, we will explore a few solutions to this problem and we hope that you will find them useful and insightful. The big problem with remote recording is obviously the distance. This leads to internet

5 Podcasting Mistakes To Avoid

podcasting mistakes
Introduction: In this blog post, you will learn what are the top 5 podcasting mistakes new podcasters do and how to avoid them! It is important that your podcast sounds professional so you can get that audience. A bad sounding podcast is worst than not having a podcast in the first place. The competition is