Job post description:


We are looking for a dedicated audio engineer and music producer to work remotely on various audio-related projects such as Music Production, Podcast Editing, Audio Book Editing, Audio Restoration, Midi Programming, Pitch Correction, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering.


You will need to accomplish tasks based on the client’s requirements and submit them at a specific deadline.


You will work from your home studio remotely. 



Digital Skills Requirements:


·      Use the following software:


Cubase 7 or later and iZotope RX. It is a plus if you own the following plugin bundles as well as UAD, Waves, Plugin Alliance (The more the better, plugins must be licensed!)


·      Must have entry-level audio equipment and studio


·      Be able to work on Mac and Windows platforms (you do not need to own both operating systems)


·      Very familiar with the latest technologies trends




Musical Skills Requirements:


·      Good understanding of music theory and music language


·      Perform at one or two musical instruments, preferably piano and/or electric guitar


·      Familiar with current music industry standards


·      Capable of producing multiple genres of music



Communication Skills Requirements:


·      Very good English language skills (You will communicate mostly in English)


·      Understand the basics of e-mail communication


·      Be able to communicate via Skype



Personal Skills Requirements:


·      Must be adaptive and creative


·      Able to work between 5-10 hours a day


·      Strong adherence to deadlines


·      Connection to the internet is a must


·      We need someone with a passion and talent for audio.


·      Must live in Romania





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