Chefs Get Personal

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For “Chefs Get Personal Podcast” we provide podcast editing services. We try to keep the show as natural as possible while removing any distracting noises. The show takes place in non-ideal environments such as restaurants, concerts or crowded places. A good audio restoration service is key for this type of podcast.


Evolving from our online interviews to better inspire you all. With host Justine Murphy, Founder and CEO of mymuybueno interviewing a different chef each fortnight, from rising stars to those with Michelin stars, all around the world.

Every fortnight, she will be asking the very same questions and every answer is very different, which is what makes each interview so inspirational.

We have been interviewing some amazing and highly renowned chefs over the past five years. Head to our website to read all of our chef interviews to date.

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  • CLIENT Justine Murphy
  • YEAR 2022
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